"Live Life!"

From mounted shooting to lavish events and world travel, Barry Nadell's life is anything but boring. Barry is the ultimate "Weekend Cowboy".  Since 2004 he has competed in a sport called Cowboy Mounted Shooting. This high action sport involves barrel racing as fast as possible in an arena while shooting 10 balloons with a single action 45 handgun. Mr. Nadell also took up polo early in 2016 until he was injured in a tournament in San Diego. His two horses Nitro Rocket and Canyon Jack Gold live on his ranch in Chatsworth.

Barry's love of sports doesn't end with horses. He holds tickets to the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Rams, while being seen from time to time at a Laker, Clipper or Kings Game. He has been skiing for over 40 years and enjoys traveling to his time share in Aspen. As a previous boat owner, Barry also spends his fair share of time on the water. He water skis and attends various yacht parties. He is a member of the Calabasas Tennis Club where he takes lessons and plays tennis regularly.

Barry is passionate about the arts, especially live theater. He has season tickets to the Ahmanson, the Pantages, the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center. The Pasadena Playhouse, The Geffen Playhouse, and others. Mr. Nadell also loves concerts and has an eclectic taste in music.


Barry Nadell
Barry's Life


It's no surprise that Barry Nadell comes from a colorful background. Barry's mother was a  dress designer in the 40's and 50's. She held glamorous runway shows with models such as Mitzy Gaynor, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Debbie Reynolds. Barry's father was a music publisher and opened the initial office of Chappell Music in Hollywood, which he ran for 23 years. Growing up in such a compelling family formed Barry into a true renaissance man. He has taken classes on everything from photography to guitar and has even appeared on TV in small acting roles. Barry is currently single. Having been married twice, he has two children and four grandchildren with whom he is very close.


Upon graduating from Arizona State University, Barry began his career as a stock broker and then he became an insurance salesman. Being involved with wealthy clients, he developed an intrepid business spirit, catapulting him to be the serial entrepreneur he is today. After exiting the life insurance industry, Barry decided to venture into the infomercial business where he executive produced three infomercials on various products.

Barry Nadell

It was through one of those infomercials that Barry got the idea to start a company to perform background checks for companies when they hired people. In 1994, most companies in the US didn't perform background checks. Notwithstanding the fact that it was difficult to get them to consider screening employees, his company grew from just Barry and his wife, to 120 employees and a nationwide service. In building his business, Barry became an expert on the legal issues of background screening. He spoke nationally at conventions and trade shows, wrote and published many articles, appeared on close to 200 live talk radio shows, was interviewed on television, and published a book called Sleuthing 101: Background Checks and the Law.  


Shortly after he retired, Barry was contacted by a law firm recognizing him as the national expert in the legal issues surrounding background checks. Barry agreed to help and appear as an expert witness in a lawsuit involving background checks. Since then Barry has been an expert witness in over 30 cases representing both Plaintiffs' and Defendants'